Sienna's feline alluring Catsuit queen's scorching in leather


Alluring Sienna Miller knows after that get the guys flocking to her new blockbuster, and it's really not the allaction scenes.

Instead, the wonder reckons fellas will probably be queueing up to catch a glimpse of her raunchy buckskin catsuit.

Sienna, 27, plays villain The Baroness in G.I. Joe: An upswing of Cobra, out immediately, and she loves her sizzling costume.

"It's top-to-toe buckskin, " laughs Sienna. "I feel that will get the men!"

The catsuit am tight the Brit babe can't bend over coupled with to get strapped to your board and wheeled around.

"The costume was actually uncomfortable, " she says. "I had this Hannibal Lecterstyle ironing board I used to be wheeled around on because I couldn't sit back, to ensure that was quite fun.

"It was corseted and I was sweating within the leather but it is worth the cost when you see the effect because it does pull you in in places you need to be pulled in." She also needed to don a wig to show her blonde locks brunette for any villainous look, so Sienna is perfectly placed to tell us if blondes really do have more fun.

"I had a decent time with black hair too," laughs the star. "I think it's really down to 50/50.

"I seemed to be clad in buckskin through an MP3 rifle strapped to my thigh so I did get some good funny shop latex looks."

As a result of our miserable summer, we Brits are maneuvering to the cinema instead of the seaside, so G.I Joe is likely to be described as a smash.

The plot follows a high-tech gang of fighters, the Joes, who battle an arms dealer.

In addition, it stars hunky Channing (Intensify) Tatum, 29, because the hero Duke and former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston, 45, like a weapons dealer.

Actor Byung-Hun Lee, 39, plays Ninja Storm Shadow while Sa?d Taghmaoui, 36, is Breaker, the communications expert.

Needless to say, in terms of Sienna, people often think much more about her tangled romantic endeavors than her acting. Her romance with actor Jude Law, 36, fell apart when she discovered he previously cheated on her behalf along with his children's nanny.

Then she dated hellraising actor Rhys Ifans, 41, who was simply besotted and proposed 3 times. But she dumped him but got as well as married Friends and family actor Balthazar Getty, 44.

"Somehow I usually always be scandalous, even though I don't mean to get, " says Sienna.

"If it's there, if there is something scandalous lurking, I'll accidentally head into it.

"But I truly do fi nd what folks say hurtful from time to time. It's very much beyond your control.

"If you document anyone's lives during a period of eight years every single day, then it is not likely to always be beautiful.

"But I'm happy doing my work and looking to disregard it wherever possible."

To the film, and Sienna can't wait to discuss all of the exciting additional skills she was required to learn to the role. "I was completely from my rut, " she says.

"I did about six weeks of fi ght training and i also studied no holds barred combat while using guys who trained everyone for The Matrix. I understand several moves now!

"I also learned the way to fire Koch pistols and rifl es. It had been so scary holding a gun for that fi rst time.

"Actually I obtained recinded from your group. The trainer told us: 'Sienna, you are a villain on this film so you look terrified of the gun.'

"And I said I was! We were shooting live ammunition that could kill someone and it definitely felt like a thing that was capable of killing.

"But when it is well and you're simply making a noise, it feels amazing. It is satisfying."

The actress insists that, despite her jet-setting lifestyle, Britain continues to be her home.

"I still are in London, " she says.

"I love america and that i have a great time there but I miss a good pub when I'm away - I enjoy a great pub.

"I was raised here, my dog is here now, my cottage is here, my garden and our kids are here and it's home. I'm defi nitely an English girl."

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is out on Friday.

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