The Kinky Agents


Suave, hedonistic and clad in leather, The particular Avengers' John Steed and his sexy sidekicks epitomised British eccentricity. This is their explanation have to be seen by a new audience

An auto pulls up in a very rainy London street. A male gets out and reads the actual brass plaques on the stuccoed entrance. But alternatively of ringing the bell he goes around the rear and climbs within the fence.

Inside, meanwhile, a handsome young doctor is smooching with his pretty receptionist. "Darling I must go, Dr Tredding wants me, " she says, pulling away.

"But I wish for you just after that, understand?" says the doctor.

This racy banter was broadcast on the nation on January 7, 1961. Within Quarter-hour, the beautiful receptionist was dead, gunned down by way of a gang of heroin smugglers. Other programme followed the efforts of her fianc??¡§?|, Dr David Keel, to get his revenge - aided with a mysterious government agent called John Steed.

If you've ever wondered why The particular Avengers was known as the Avengers, the solution is in this last sentence.

After 'avenging' his fianc??¡§?|e's murder towards the end of the hour-long first episode, Keel - played by Ian Hendry - acquired a taste for derring-do.

Teaming up with Patrick Macnee's Steed, he went on to chase rogues and villains through the entire first group of a programme that will become one of many icons of British television.

Most of that first series - through which neither the particular leather-clad Honor Blackman nor the fetish wear catsuited Diana Rigg were a gleam within the producer's eye - is lost to posterity. Fortunately a 15-minute reel through the first episode resulted in in the University of California in 2001. It now forms a part of a boxed pair of the actual two-and-a-third surviving episodes of the initial series, in addition to the entire second series, that are released on DVD next month.

The particular Avengers began life when the head from the Associated British Corporation suggested to his director of drama, Sydney Newman, that ABC's line-up may be better balanced with the addition of lighter fare, say for example a thriller. Newman began drafting ideas to get a new formula Body that combined tongue-in-cheek humour with the action of an spy thriller.

At the same time, his ABC colleague Leonard White were built with a challenge with a programme he was co-producing, Police Surgeon. Although its lead, Hendry, was popular, the actual show was not achieving a lot. So Newman and White joined forces to rework the ailing show and fit its star in to a new format. The key innovation ended up being to bring a secret agent in to the mix. As both men had previously worked with Macnee, they invited him on board.

The formula worked so when Macnee did start to acquire more screen time, his popularity grew. When a strike interrupted production for a lot of months, Hendry left to pursue a movie career. He starred opposite Catherine Deneuve in Roman Polanski's Repulsion and received a Bafta nomination for his role within the gritty Get Carter. He ended up on the Channel 4 soap Brookside shortly before his death back in 1984.

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Sienna's feline alluring Catsuit queen's scorching in leather


Alluring Sienna Miller knows after that get the guys flocking to her new blockbuster, and it's really not the allaction scenes.

Instead, the wonder reckons fellas will probably be queueing up to catch a glimpse of her raunchy buckskin catsuit.

Sienna, 27, plays villain The Baroness in G.I. Joe: An upswing of Cobra, out immediately, and she loves her sizzling costume.

"It's top-to-toe buckskin, " laughs Sienna. "I feel that will get the men!"

The catsuit am tight the Brit babe can't bend over coupled with to get strapped to your board and wheeled around.

"The costume was actually uncomfortable, " she says. "I had this Hannibal Lecterstyle ironing board I used to be wheeled around on because I couldn't sit back, to ensure that was quite fun.

"It was corseted and I was sweating within the leather but it is worth the cost when you see the effect because it does pull you in in places you need to be pulled in." She also needed to don a wig to show her blonde locks brunette for any villainous look, so Sienna is perfectly placed to tell us if blondes really do have more fun.

"I had a decent time with black hair too," laughs the star. "I think it's really down to 50/50.

"I seemed to be clad in buckskin through an MP3 rifle strapped to my thigh so I did get some good funny shop latex looks."

As a result of our miserable summer, we Brits are maneuvering to the cinema instead of the seaside, so G.I Joe is likely to be described as a smash.

The plot follows a high-tech gang of fighters, the Joes, who battle an arms dealer.

In addition, it stars hunky Channing (Intensify) Tatum, 29, because the hero Duke and former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston, 45, like a weapons dealer.

Actor Byung-Hun Lee, 39, plays Ninja Storm Shadow while Sa?d Taghmaoui, 36, is Breaker, the communications expert.

Needless to say, in terms of Sienna, people often think much more about her tangled romantic endeavors than her acting. Her romance with actor Jude Law, 36, fell apart when she discovered he previously cheated on her behalf along with his children's nanny.

Then she dated hellraising actor Rhys Ifans, 41, who was simply besotted and proposed 3 times. But she dumped him but got as well as married Friends and family actor Balthazar Getty, 44.

"Somehow I usually always be scandalous, even though I don't mean to get, " says Sienna.

"If it's there, if there is something scandalous lurking, I'll accidentally head into it.

"But I truly do fi nd what folks say hurtful from time to time. It's very much beyond your control.

"If you document anyone's lives during a period of eight years every single day, then it is not likely to always be beautiful.

"But I'm happy doing my work and looking to disregard it wherever possible."

To the film, and Sienna can't wait to discuss all of the exciting additional skills she was required to learn to the role. "I was completely from my rut, " she says.

"I did about six weeks of fi ght training and i also studied no holds barred combat while using guys who trained everyone for The Matrix. I understand several moves now!

"I also learned the way to fire Koch pistols and rifl es. It had been so scary holding a gun for that fi rst time.

"Actually I obtained recinded from your group. The trainer told us: 'Sienna, you are a villain on this film so you look terrified of the gun.'

"And I said I was! We were shooting live ammunition that could kill someone and it definitely felt like a thing that was capable of killing.

"But when it is well and you're simply making a noise, it feels amazing. It is satisfying."

The actress insists that, despite her jet-setting lifestyle, Britain continues to be her home.

"I still are in London, " she says.

"I love america and that i have a great time there but I miss a good pub when I'm away - I enjoy a great pub.

"I was raised here, my dog is here now, my cottage is here, my garden and our kids are here and it's home. I'm defi nitely an English girl."

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is out on Friday.

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A biennial high-mountain hike across the glaciers from the Valais, in Switzerland, following section of the Haute Route, either from Zermatt to Verbier (53km; a complete of nearly 4,000m vertical climb) or, for that "short'' course, from Arolla to Verbier (26km; about 1,900m vertical climb). For uphill sections, touring ski bases are fitted with skins, and boots are unclipped in the bindings, that allows skiers to climb easily. Compulsory equipment includes avalanche transceiver, head-torch, survival blanket, rope, shovel and harness.

Who goes? Seasoned and also the seriously fit touring latex clothes fans, nearly half less than Three decades old. Mostly Swiss with 15 per-cent foreigners and 10 % women. The three,700 participants, who race in teams of three, tripped in waves of 50 every half hour from 1am, or later for that short course. The record time for that full course, set with a French-Italian team, is 6hrs 48min 18sec. The feminine record, set with a Swiss team, is 8hrs 15min 15sec.

The lowdown Caroline Ogi, from Bern, says: "I did the short course in 2004, setting out from Arolla at 4am. The very first climb is steep, and until you reach the Col de Riedmatten checkpoint within certain time you're not allowed further - we had Ten mins to spare. Then you can certainly take your time, and you ski across glaciers and cols, unless you reach Verbier, in places you run about Ten mins on the finish - downhill, luckily. It's actually a race, but it's about spirit - you almost cry towards the end because you're so tired and proud of yourself.''


Places are limited to 500 with this 9km end-of-season dash from Valluga (2,650m) to St Anton village centre (1,305m), but the mass start - at 5pm - is fairly something. The course covers piste, off-piste plus an uphill stretch and racers run 100m with the streets towards the finish. Nearly all are on skis, but there are categories for snowboards, telemarks and short skis (up to 1m), too. Helmets compulsory.

Who goes? The competition's hot, with an above average contingent of local ski instructors and also other resort workers. Racers result from throughout Austria, too, in addition to France (a Frenchman supports the record of 7min 52), Switzerland and Germany, plus some Britons take part. The minimum age is 17.

The lowdown Dieter Leiter, a ski shop worker from St Anton who came third in 2006, says: "To get in a good position for your start, you have to be at the very top one hour prior to start. It feels pretty dangerous when 500 people tripped together, and you've got to become careful when it gets narrow. A number of people fall over. After i did it, the very best part was powdery, but it was icy information. The steepest bit could be the Eisfall, around half way. You adopt off your skis to the climb, that can take about Thirty seconds but is knackering. Most of the people use off-piste skis, about 180cm.''


Founded in 1928 from the British, that is the world's biggest amateur downhill race. 1,800 skiers take part, triggering every 12 seconds from nearby the summit in the 2,970m Schilthorn down a pisted course that takes in thigh-busting schusses, gullies, hairpin bends and a minimum of one uphill slog. If there's enough snow, it's 15.8km to the finish at Lauterbrunnen (and a pair of,000m of vertical). Helmets are compulsory, catsuits common along with the odd eccentric cruises down in fancy dress costumes. Skis only; some click into 220cm planks; most just add 10 or 20cm to their usual length. For true punishment, do the Inferno Langlauf (cross-country), too - three gruelling circuits in the cliff-edge village.

Who goes? Racers must join being a person in a ski club, like the Kandahar ( or perhaps the Ski Club of The united kingdom ( Taking part are Swiss, Germans and Austrians, about 200 British skiers - mostly members of the Kandahar Ski Club - along with the odd Czech, New Zealander or Spaniard. You ought to be 18, but there is no maximum - veteran racer Peter Lunn took part aged 90 in 2005. The typical varies - last year's winning time was 4min 26sec (on the shortened course) along with the tail-enders clocked around 24 minutes.

The lowdown M?¡ì1rren-bred Oliver Feuz, a past winner, advises: "Stay as part of your limits, don't go too fast and watch out for other racers. Keep warm and calm at the start don't forget, perhaps the fastest guys get nervous.''

Entries for next year's race closed in September. to go in in '09, join a golf club - or form your own..

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The creator purrs over catsuits and pants

The creator purrs over catsuits and pants ; Maria Grachvogel

What exactly is your favourite item inside your wardrobe? My catsuits. They are elegant, super comfortable and that i can wear the identical one for that office and in the market to dinner. What's your fallback outfit? A black smock dress that is cut in big circles and drapes in an interesting way.

What's your one part of fashion advice? Wear clothes that suit your personality. It does not take distinction between "What an excellent dress" and "You look wonderful in this dress".

We've had slim, slouchy and harem, where are trouser shapes going next? They'll get looser. A relaxed, pyjama type, I'd say.

What's been your biggest fashion faux pas? I hated a set of heeled sandals that my mum bought me for school. All of those other girls laughed.

What element of fashion do you dislike essentially the most? The confusion between fashion and design; great design is timeless but people assume all fashion is throwaway. How will you think people perceive from how you latex lingerie dress? People always say, "Wow, you gaze so glamorous". Probably because I walk around inside my drapey catsuits in the center of the morning.

In case you could steal anyone's wardrobe - past or present, fictional or real - whose wouldn't it be and why?

Katharine Hepburn's - she had great trousers. In case you could change one part of your system, which could it be? An inferior bottom. Hence spending a great deal time creating flattering trousers.


SUZANNE LENGLEN (played 1914-1927) Flowing skirt, arms on show, a bandeau decorously tied around her head and try to ensured she re-applied her make-up at changeovers. The

Frenchwoman who introduced fashion into tennis.

ANNE WHITE (1980-1987) A shimmering white catsuit had the committee men spluttering into their teacups. Wimbledon etiquette had been compromised, they decreed, and Ms White was asked to never wear the catsuit again.

SERENA WILLIAMS (1995-present) What youwalk on court wearing matters, too. Serena took to Centre Court in a very tailored trenchcoat for that warm-up recently. While using new roof, she shouldn't have to bring her mac again.

ANNA KOURNIKOVA (1994-2003) Let's not pretend, Anna would look great in bin liner. She had the looks, or even the tennis game, of the angel. Along with the schoolboys used to love coming along to gaze at her lovingly while she practised.

...Along with the Men're In internet marketing, TOO

Only two great champions could have pulled that one off. Roger Federer got all trendy last year when he wore a cardigan with his initials embroidered on it, while Rafael Nadal clearly didn't have enough money to purchase sleeves.

250 Ball Girls and boys Are Employed For The Tournament. That's Nothing In comparison to the 650 Security.

Ana Ivanovic Developed Her Love For Tennis Watching Tv And,Specifically, Monica Seles (Right).

Three For women who live Held The Coveted 1 Spot In 2010 -- Jelena Jankovic, Serena Williams And Dinara Safina.

320 The Most Matches Played At Wimbledon By way of a Woman -- And Martina Navratilova Only Lost 48.

The Balls Used At Wimbledon Are Stored At 68 Degrees Farenheit For Optimum Performance.What are your five desert-island staples? A fantastic bikini, a flexible beach dress, my PoverTee T-shirt (it's for a good cause, all things considered), sunblock and my iPod touch. What is a fashion day within the life of Maria Grachvogel? I approach operate in my MBT trainers and a Gore-Tex catsuit that we stated in 1997. I place on my day outfit when I reach the office. Easily don't possess time to adjust again to have an event or meeting, I'll just give a jabot [accessory worn across the neck] from my range. In addition to my morning walk, I'm always in stupidly women's high heel sandals.

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Kylie has always loved fashion

It's rare to get a performer to have a real full-line, but Kylie has always loved fashion, despite the fact that she didn't get it right in the old times.

BACK then she would make her own outfit for a red carpet event, and for the first tour, having a minuscule budget, her mum and her nan were enlisted to help with the costumes. It took three weeks on her mum to stitch the sequins one dress alone.

It was her dad, Ron, who in May 2003 first contacted Janine Barrand, manager of collections and research at the Arts Centre in Kylie's hometown of Melbourne, to announce that Kylie wished to donate over 600 costumes and accessories which she had rescued from bin bags, cupboards and lofts all across the globe.

'It is often a significant collection,' said Janine, confirming Kylie's status as a style icon, on the websites for with David Bowie and Madonna (the information Girl hasn't been honoured which has a V&A retrospective).

'Kylie think it is amusing that garments that were thrown on the ground between numbers were suddenly being handled with such reverence by specialists in white gloves.' The exhibition, which Kylie describes as 'everything from cobbled together to couture', is often a tribute to her stylist and artistic director, William Baker. They first met in 1994, when William was doing its job a store assistant at Vivienne Westwood's shop in Conduit Street, London.

They went for coffee and also have been friends from the time. He would be a pop culture junkie and, along with his passion for punk, the London club scene, and friends including milliner Philip Treacy and stylist Isabella Blow, he encouraged Kylie to wear decadently, having an injection of humour.

A big influence was the late Michael Hutchence, who Kylie dated when she was 21. Before Hutchence, she had never oozed sex appeal. Overnight, it seemed, she was dabbling in black latex lingerie wear.

Then came the video for Better The Devil You already know, the very first time she wore her now trademark hot pants, and also the first outfit that signalled her arrival as a style icon.

The greatest designers on earth, including Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, were soon clamouring to do business with her.

The creative process is often a menage a trois involving Kylie, William and also the designer - Kylie wants to throw in buzz words, and tear sheets from the magazine, or a photograph to inspire everyone. Her outfits cherry select punk, the Eighties London club scene, art deco, Warhol and also installments of Dynasty.

What I love concerning the costumes is because they aren't remotely about being cool, or updated, although Kylie made the covers of Pop, ID, Dazed & Confused, and numerous issues of Vogue and Elle.

You learn that Kylie has never taken herself too seriously, preferring to experiment: she was the first one to wear high heel pumps with combat trousers and brought hotpants back into fashion.

The exhibition is unafraid to showcase her mistakes. The hideous Eighties outfits are here: shoulder pads; ra-ra skirts and T-shirt dresses, the Red Or Dead platform shoes she wore to be with her third video.

She would rather unearth new talent, championing in early stages British designers Marios Schwab, Owen Gaster, Gareth Pugh and Roland Mouret, and it has remained loyal to the Australian designers who first dressed her, as well as the more quirky names whose pieces she bought when she first came to London, for instance Stevie Stewart and David Holah of Bodymap.

But her most enduring relationship using a designer has been by investing in Julien Macdonald - his sparkly cobwebs are to Kylie what Jean Paul Gaultier's conical bra and pinstripes were to Madonna.

'Kylie, the bubbles inside the champagne - 100 per cent all woman, wrapped up in a little package which has a big red crystal bow,' says Macdonald.

Kylie's growing confidence in their own body and her looks may be traced across the years. She often describes herself without all the glitter and makeup as 'plain' and, says Baker, is uncomfortable being referred to as a symbol.

Each of the red carpet gowns are on display, including the blue silk fringe dress by Rafael Lopez that just about concealed her chest for meeting Prince Charles at the Royal Variety performance, and the pink silk corset dress by Australian designer Xen-Pardoe Miles for that Sydney Lgbt Carnival. Kylie has a huge gay following and when said: 'I think gay men relate with my primary find it difficult to be authorized.' You soon realise Kylie never wears exactly the same thing twice, or carries a day when she is not bothered, on or off duty.

'There is something genuine about the way she dresses. She's a virtually old-fashioned fashion sense,' William Baker claims. 'Girl across the street crossed with Hollywood siren.'

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